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Want to stay fit this summer?

(And have fun at the same time?)

Come join women and mothers just like you for our annual

outdoor summer bootcamp

  • You had your very own PERSONAL TRAINER telling you what to do?
  • You found an exercise class that you loved and looked forward to?
  • You had friends SUPPORTING and ENCOURAGING you every week?
  • You built confidence to try new things and push your fitness levels?
  • You built FRIENDSHIPS with other women and moms in the community?
  • You had an exercise plan that INCREASES your energy?
  • You had an exercise plan that gives you CONFIDENCE to work out?
  • You had an exercise plan that you actually STICK TO?
  • You had FUN while exercising

What if you choose to give yourself and your body a little extra self love and care this summer? 

It's just what you need...

A group fitness class that meets all your needs

Together we'll build strength, friendships, and confidence as we work hard AND play hard



Summer bootcamp is a twice weekly outdoor fitness class taught by a certified exercise physiologist with over 10 years experience in creating and teaching group & individual fitness plans. The class will build strength and endurance via a mixture of full body strength training and cardio



Mondays and Wednesdays 9-10 AM

June 4th-August 15th

(with once a month Saturday classes to allow participants to make up any missed classes or to get an extra workout in!)



The summer bootcamp class will be held in my backyard in Holladay, Utah (approximately 5600 South 1800 East). There are shady spots for babes and plenty of equipment to play on for older kiddos (yes, you don't need to worry about finding childcare! See the FAQ section below!)


(The free classes will be taught Saturday, May 19th in the morning and Tuesday, May 22nd in the evening to accommodate all schedules. Feel free to sign up for one or both. Yes you can come twice for free! Invite your sister/friends/neighbors - they're BOTH FREE for anyone and everyone!) 

Annnd... there will be healthy goodies for anyone that attends! (think smoothies, protein bars, etc)


"I cannot say enough about how positive my experience has been with Elizabeth's exercise programs. Elizabeth knows the body well and was very in tune with the needs of my body, especially after a year of multiple health problems and struggle with both exercise and healthy eating, Elizabeth's program was just what I needed to find joy again in improving my health. Not only did my overall physique and muscle tone improve, I got helpful advice on personal struggles and challenges specific to injuries that were hindering my progress. Elizabeth brought every workout to MY level, and because of that I saw MAJOR improvements in my body that were visible both to me and others. I love that Elizabeth uses a whole body approach when working with clients that includes the body and the mind. Improving health & wellness has been a life-changing experience for me, and Elizabeth played a significant role. Thanks for all your help and advice!!"



"I really enjoy Elizabeth's workout programs. It's easy to follow the sets/routine, but was challenging at the same time - in a good way. I love that it can be customizable and that you can do it with little to no equipment. I felt energized at the end of each workout and ready for the rest of my day."



Hello! I'm Elizabeth!

I'm a certified Exercise Physiologist and wellness coach with a MS degree in exercise science...

I've created and taught hundreds of personalized and group fitness programs...

I've worked with hundreds of women of all fitness abilities find joy and confidence in fitness...

I own and run a business that helps women love their bodies, create a good relationship with food, and find happiness in creating a life of health and wellness. 

I'm most passionate about helping women and mothers take care of themselves and their bodies even when they spend all day taking care of others...


All you've gotta do is show up!

Show up for yourself...

Come try a free class to find out if it's perfect for you! 

(The free classes will be taught Saturday, May 19th in the morning and Tuesday, May 22nd in the evening to accommodate all schedules. Feel free to sign up for one or both. Yes you can come twice for free! Invite your sister/friends/neighbors - they're BOTH FREE for anyone and everyone!) 

Annnd... there will be healthy goodies for anyone that attends! (think smoothies, protein bars, etc)



"Exercise is always challenging for me due to an existing lower back issue. Elizabeth truly took the time to understand my needs and tailored my routines to help me avoid re-injury. She was always willing to help me make adjustments or modifications when something wasn’t feeling right."



"I love working with Elizabeth! She has such positive energy and teaches great total body exercises. After working with her, I now have a whole repertoire of exercises that keep my entire body fit!"


"Elizabeth has been my fitness coach for over 4 years. During that time I have been through several of her workout plans. I've seen life changing improvements in not only my overall strength but also my balance, posture, and flexibility. She is very knowledgeable and her positive words have encouraged me to work harder than I think I am able to do."

I already know I need this!!!


Save BIG by paying in full

You'll get an entire summer of done-for-you fitness plans.

No more thinking about one ounce of your fitness routine - I'll take care of it for the whole summer.

You'll gain endurance and strength and feel better than ever! You'll change physically and mentally.

Want to truly commit to yourself and show up in a big way? This is the package for you!

Save %10 by paying in full today! 

Or pay per month

Committed to joining us for the whole summer, but need a payment plan? This is the plan for you! 

Out of town a bunch or have a baby on the way mid-summer? Pay for the month's you'll be around most.

Going month by month gives you the flexibility you need to still stay committed to what you can.

Start now by signing up for the June session. (If you're interested in occasional drop-in classes, they are $10 and can be paid in person each class you attend)


Please send money via venmo @elizabeth_dall



If you do not have venmo, cash or check is accepted.  

Please send money via venmo @elizabeth_dall



If you do not have venmo, cash or check is accepted. 

Frequently Asked Questions


+ I'm nervous/self conscious...

This is totally normal! In fact, I'd be willing to bet 90% of the women in the class feel this way in the beginning - it's just our nature! I have worked with women of ALL fitness levels and abilities and want to help you build confidence in your own fitness journey. I will always demonstrate a wide range of movements for all fitness levels and as you come a few times, you'll start to gain more confidence. Just know that we're all here to support each other and cheer one another on! There's absolutely no room for judgement or comparison! We're all doing our best!

+ Can I bring my kids?

Yes! Kids are welcome. I have some shady spots with blankets for babies and we have a full playset + sandbox for older kiddos. You are responsible for tending to your kid's needs, but can jump in and out of class quickly. We will all be in the same backyard so you can keep an eye on your kiddo. Please bring a hat/sunscreen/water as sometimes the summer months can be a little hot!

+ Do I need equipment?

In order to get the most of out class, I ask that you bring a small set of dumbbells (5-8 pounds each), a yoga mat or towel, and a water bottle. That's it! (maybe a hat or sunscreen depending on the weather) Small dumbbells can be found at any sporting store or walmart or target. They are pretty cheap. If you are unable to aquire your own, I have a couple sets I am willing to provide for any class members that need them.

+ What if I am out of town or miss a class?

Summer is a fun time for traveling and enjoying the outdoors! I understand sometimes travel plans get in the way. This is why I will be providing a Saturday morning class once a month for everyone to attend. If you miss a class, you can make it up here! If you are out of town a lot or have a special circumstance, I am happy to talk to you individually to find a plan that works for you.

+ What if I'm a beginner or new to exercise?

That's perfect! My class is for all levels, so you'll be in good company! Even if you have no experience with weights, I will make sure proper form is demonstrated along with all kinds of modifications to fit your needs. Everyone will be at different levels and that's what makes it fun!

+ I can't commit to a lot, but want to come to a class occasionally!

Perfect! Drop in classes are just $10! Come when you can!

+ What if I get started and something comes up or I am unable to keep my committment?

Due to the amount of time and energy I put into providing an amazing class for you, refunds will be offered on a case by case basis.

+ What if I have injuries, a chronic condition, or am pregnant?

First of all, bring on all the pregnant ladies! I'm pregnant too, so we'll be doing it together! I have a wide range of experience working will all kinds of injuries and chronic conditions including orthopedic, neuromuscular, pregnancy, postpartum, and so much more. If you have a chronic condition or injury, all I need to know is that you are cleared for exercise by your doctor and that we discuss your unique needs beforehand so I can give you the very best experience.