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 Learn to make peace with food, love your body, and find joy in exercise and movement

It’s time to start creating happy relationships with…



your body




I create online programs to help you with each of these areas

healing your relationship with food

Loving your body

finding joy in exercise and movement


Your complete food relationship overhaul.

Train your brain to create positive food experiences.

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Free email course to overcome emotional eating.

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Love your body today with this free workbook.



Ready to overhaul your entire relationship with food?

Food Freedom is the course for you if:

  • You’re tired of stressing about food all the time

  • You’re constantly restricting and binging food

  • Your weight fluctuates like crazy

  • You’re sick and tired of food controlling your life



Want to get your feet wet?

Take my FREE overcome emotional eating email course

This is a free 5-day email course (delivered right to your inbox!) to help you:

  • learn where your emotional eating behaviors come from

  • How to recognize and stop your emotional triggers

  • Gain the tools you need to deal with your emotions in a non-food way


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