5 Ways to Involve the Family in Fitness

Family Fitness.png

As a mother, you juggle many different things.


You are constantly trying to do your best at home, at work, keep up with friends, family, and everything else that comes under your umbrella of responsibility.


If you get any time alone to yourself, you might find it a great time to sneak in some quick exercise. In fact, if you can, get up earlier than the rest of the family and take a little time to get moving. You’ll feel more energized and ready for the day. Plus, you won’t have the weight of exercise later in the day when things get more chaotic with dinner, homework, bedtime and everything else. Need a quick workout for yourself? Click the button below to download the 6 week exercise plan and tracker you can do at home!



But, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of being able to exercise by yourself, or you’re looking for ways to get your family more active together. Involving your family in fitness can bring you closer together in so many ways.


Today’s post is a simple guide to involving the family in fitness. It’s all about making movement and exercise fun for everyone no matter if they’re a younger kid or a teenager.


The key is to get them moving, exercising, and finding joy in fitness. So, start off easy by trying one or two nights per week. Then, as you feel comfortable, add a weekend, or even let the kids come up with a routine for themselves. They might really enjoy it!





Grab a deck of Uno cards and get sweating! Assign an exercise to each different color, then have everyone draw a card. You do your exercises together for 30 seconds and then draw another one! Check out this website for exercise ideas and rules of the game.


For younger kids, this is a fun game that involves exercises based on the letters in their name.


Or, grab yourself a beach ball and some markers for a fun workout that can be done inside or out!



Teenagers can be a tough crowd to get interested in playing games or spending time exercising with family. They usually just want to hang out with their friends.


So, as a trick for getting teenagers to enjoy exercise and fitness, allow them to invite their friends over for games that require more people. This is a win-win for both of you. Try playing some frisbee, tennis, dodgeball, or anything that requires a group of people. Even the little kids in the group will enjoy playing with the big kids.



Does your local gym or rec center have a basketball court, swimming pool, or track? Head over after dinner for a quick round of “horse”, or do some drills on the track. This is typically an outing enjoyed by all ages.


If your teenager is interested, have one parent accompany them in the weight room to teach them about lifting weights. This is also a great way to deal with the stress of life faced by teenagers. Once they have a general idea of what to do, let them have some time alone to navigate the weights and find what they enjoy.



No plans to go out for the night? Throw on some pumping music to get energized. This might help motivate everyone to move quickly through cleaning chores, dance together, or keep little ones occupied while you get things picked up.


Some families love dance parties. If this fits your family, then go for it. If you’re not dancers, the loud music can still motivate everyone to get moving. In fact, make a game out of how quickly chores can be finished and the house can get cleaned up. Once the chores are done, they get the night off! This is especially appealing to teenagers.


What do you do to involve the family in fitness? Remember, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just start with one or two activities and build from there. Bonus points for lessons taught during this time about why it’s important to take care of our bodies and be active every day.


Now, get out and play!