What to do When you Want to go Back on Another Diet

How to say no when another diet is staring you in the face

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You’ve spent your whole life on diets, so it’s no surprise that when a new interesting diet pops up on your radar, it feels like a day after Thanksgiving sale - you’ve got to have it!

You enter the realm of “one last diet” “one last try” that you’ve been in so many times. This one HAS to work. 

It’s ok if you’ve been there and it’s ok if you’re there right now. It’s scary to leave the only way you’ve ever known to control food. If you’re feeling like you want to find another diet, meal plan, or anything that will help you lose the weight and feel in control around food, will you hang out with me today?

Hey, I’m Elizabeth and I’m here to help you become a woman of wellness by healing your relationship with food and loving the body you’re in. And today I’m here to help you feel empowered to shout a big fat NO at all the diets that are tempting you to come back to them like a kid begging for a toy in a toy store. You’re on a new journey now, but it’s a little scary and probably quite unfamiliar. So, if you’re feeling like you want to go back on another diet to help you get control over food again, today is for you. 

Today we are going to learn how to REJECT THE DIET MENTALITY. 

What is the diet mentality you say? It’s your brain wired to see the next exciting thing for weight loss. It’s going back to old habits that have been ingrained in you as long as you’ve been dieting. 

As a really quick side note, the desire to seek out a diet can often come when big life transitions come into play such as growing up, moving away, a new job, a new marriage, marriage struggles, and much more. Dieting brings in a level of excitement, a feeling of change, and even feelings of hope. But with that also comes the fear of disappointment or failure and although it brings hope, it is pretty consistently false hope, because I’m willing to guess that dieting has never brought lasting happiness to your life. 

So, how do we reject the diet mentality?

First, let’s take a look at the cold hard facts of dieting and the damage it can cause (and remember the definition of dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion commonly used for weight changes. 

Dieting is a trigger for overeating. Instead of being in control over food, dieting actually makes you give up control. You are only allowed a certain kind or amount of food, so when you stray from the plan, you probably lose all control. How many times have you gone on a binge as a result of “messing up” your diet?

Biologically, dieting decreases metabolism, causes your body to hold onto fat, and can even put you in a danger zone for cardiac disease. 

But, probably more important than the biological effects are the psychological effects. What emotions have you experienced as a result of starting and ending a diet? I imagine the emotions are all over the place, but ultimately leads to loss of self-confidence and trust. 

A woman of wellness has confidence in who she is and trusts in her ability to nourish her body in the way she needs. 

So instead of focusing on the negative feelings of the past, I want to move forward today and bring positive feelings of real hope, real excitement, and real happiness that can come when you truly give up dieting in your life. 

What are some exciting things about becoming an intuitive eater?

My favorite is that NO food is off limits! I can literally eat whatever I want! It feels so freeing to know that if I want the cookie, I can have it. And I can enjoy it, totally guilt free! And that also means sometimes I want the broccoli too, and I don’t have to eat it because it’s required, but because I want to! 

Other exciting things about intuitive eating include not worrying about numbers, not worrying about food at parties and restaurants, knowing I have the tools to deal with my emotions without turning to food every time (if you need help with this, I have a free course called “overcome emotional eating” linked in the description below), and ultimately just enjoying food. 

What would it feel like if you could enjoy food again? Food is often paired with exciting life events such as celebrations with family and friends out to dinner, drinks with girlfriends while you share life stories together, holidays with family and friends, and even something as simple as a donut run with a cute little 4 year old who always gets the one with the sprinkles on it (can you tell that’s my life stage right now?)

Food is meant to be enjoyed. It doesn’t have to be rigid. It doesn’t have to be counted. You don’t even always have to eat when you’re biologically hungry. You can eat for enjoyment. You can eat more one day and less the next. You can eat when you’re hungry and you can stop when you’re full. 

Intuitive eating is food freedom. 

So, how do you say NO to one more diet? How do you get rid of that false hope that dieting brings?

I have one exercise for you today. And every time you find yourself wanting to diet or restrict food or anything that messes with your happy relationship with food, this is what you do. 

Create your vision of your relationship with food. 

In whatever way you retain information best, write out or imagine in your mind what your life looks like as an intuitive eater. Create your vision of your own woman of wellness. 

Come up with all of the details. Create scenarios that you want to see play out. Bring excitement and joy into your vision. This is so exciting for me to even talk about. Get rid of your limiting beliefs. Get rid of your “shoulds” or “can’ts” or “impossibles”, they have no place in your vision. 

What does an ideal DAY with food look like? What does an ideal LIFE with food look like? Write out the physical events as well as how you are feeling emotionally. How does it feel to go out to a place where food is plentiful? How do you envision interacting with the food and interacting with the people? What is going on in your brain? Remember, this is YOUR vision of the future, not the past, not what feelings and emotions have happened previously, but how you want them to look from here on out. 

What kinds of foods do you enjoy daily? What makes you feel best? How do you like to indulge? How does food fuel your biological needs and how does it fuel your emotional needs? How do you engage in self-care? When things get stressed or hard, what do you use to cope?

How do you interact with your family, your friends? How do you interact with your body? What do you see in the mirror? What beauty can you find? (Remember that you are a woman of wellness and are beautiful no matter what size you are) Where can you find beauty in the here and now?

Be as detailed as possible, and as you create your vision, remember that by eliminating food as a stress in your life opens the door for so many possibilities for growth and development. You might not realize how much your relationship with food and subsequently your relationship with your body has held you back in other aspects of your life. Imagine breaking free from chains. That’s what making peace with food has the power to do in all areas of your life. 

I wish you the best in your vision creation and please remember to go through it each and every day, and especially on the days you feel you want to turn back to another diet. It truly has the power to change your life. 

You are amazing and I’m so glad you’re here. See you next time!