How to Give up Dieting Once and for All

Do you struggle with being a perfectionist with food?

Intuitive Eating Series Principle #1 - Reject the Diet Mentality

Do you struggle with perfectionist eating - meaning you're either ON your diet and eating perfectly, or you're off it and eating an entire pan of cookies? If you're constantly trying to find and follow the next best diet or meal plan promising to help you lose weight, gain energy, and life healthier, today's video is for you!



Before we go anywhere, what is the "diet mentality"? Because if we're here to learn how to reject it, we better know exactly what it is and why we're trying to reject it, right?

Take a minute and think about all of the past diets and meal plans you've been on. Think about the days leading up to starting your diet. You probably prepared really well. You went to the grocery store and meal prepped all in preparation for day one of your diet.

Then, think about what you did with your EATING HABITS in the few days before starting. I'm guessing you went hog wild. You ate out, you binged on the cake, the cookies, the chips, the soda, all in preparation for starting out perfectly on Monday - the day you're diet started. The day you somewhat dreaded and looked forward to at the same time. 

This is what we call the diet mentality. The feeling of needing to eat perfectly. The feeling of not trusting yourself to know what to eat, so you need a plan to follow. Feeling like this next diet is the one that will actually help you lose weight and get healthy, or whatever your goal is this round.



Let me share some other symptoms of having the diet mentality.

  • You have urges for foods that are "off limits" on your diet.
  • You binge when you don't follow your diet because why bother trying if you're not going to be perfect, right?
  • You don't trust yourself around lots of kinds of food or any food for that matter.
  • You tend to engage in last supper eating - meaning you binge like crazy before your "perfect" diet starts the next day. 

  • You may even find yourself withdrawing from social events and moments when you're worried food may be a part of the event, party, or night out with friends. 
  • You really mess with your body because you go through periods of undereating and overeating and often lose all sense of what hunger and fullness feel like to you, what foods satisfy you, how to know when and what to eat, and how to know when to STOP eating. You lose the ability to be in tune with your body and know what you really need. 

Doesn't it sound like heaven to not be worrying about food allll the time? Just trusting your body to give you signals that allow you to enjoy food without limitations, guilt, or anxiety? If you're ready the truly heal your relationship with food, intuitive eating is the route for you. 



Let me tell you something straightforward and in the kindest way possible - diets don't work. If they did, you wouldn't constantly be looking for a new one all the time. They teach you to follow ONE method of eating, and the one size fits all approach doesn't work with nutrition. 

When you throw out the diets and adopt an intuitive eating lifestyle you can once and for all get rid of all of those labels you've placed on your "off limits" foods, you can avoid the binge and guilt cycles you go through every new diet, you can feel safe and trusted around food, and you can ultimately enjoy food whenever and wherever you want. 

The goal of today's video and post is to help you understand that the dieting mindset does not serve you. But, I recognize it might be hard to get rid of that easily - I mean, maybe you've dieted you're whole life! It can take some time to learn and practice these principles, so promise me you'll stick around and trust in the process. 



Today's homework is simple. Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the meal plans and diets you've been on throughout your life. Just keep writing anything that comes to mind. Once you're done writing, crumple it up, tear it up, whatever you need to do to destroy that list and then throw it in the trash. We are literally and figuratively throwing the idea that diets can help you IN THE TRASH. 

Vow today to spend your time and energy on learning the process of intuitive eating and no more looking for diets. I know you can do this and I'm cheering you on from the other side of this screen!

Now, go toss that piece of paper and I'll see you in the next post where we're learning all about how to honor your hunger. And don't forget to grab your free intuitive eating guide and checklist below for even more practice!