How to Get Rid of the Perfect Diet Mentality

Ready to get rid of the cycle of frustration and failure over yet another diet?



Okay, you sign up for the perfect diet meal plan or have just decided you're going to change, you go to the grocery store, stock up on all the healthy fruits, vegetables and chicken, chicken and more chicken, you're going to do it this time right from the start, but it's not Monday yet, so you spend all day Sunday binging on sweets, treats, carbs, and whatever else. That's off limits on your new plan.

Monday starts off pretty well. You're just getting along fine, right? A few unexpected things come up, but it's still fine. You're totally on track. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, maybe even Friday. You're doing okay, but you're kind of sick of only eating chicken and vegetables all the time.

Insert Friday night, the weekend. you're hungry, you're sick of eating the same old things and you want to enjoy yourself again in some form or another. You binge, you start with one cookie, but by then you've already blown it, so you take the family out for pizza, ice cream and whatever else you can get your hands on.

You've blown your diet completely and while there's always Monday, I guess. You spend the weekend eating whatever you want and vow to start again. When the weekend is over, feeling a little bit frustrated that you messed up your perfect diet, yet again, raise your hand if this scenario describes your real life or has happened before.



Hey, I'm Elizabeth and I'm here to help you become a woman of wellness by healing your relationship with food, and today we're talking all about getting rid of that perfect diet mentality that plagues so many of us. In fact, is there really such a thing as a perfect diet?

When you have to eat multiple times per day, it's absolutely impossible to be prepared for everything that will come your way. So take a minute to throw out that perfection mentality. Really just get rid of it. Remind yourself that you're human and this is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Okay? I know that trying to get rid of the diet talk you've told yourself for so many years probably won't happen overnight, but with practice, I'm confident you'll be able to ultimately feel comfortable and safe around all kinds of foods and all kinds of situations.



How do we get rid of the diet and perfection talk, especially if you have goals that you're trying to reach? I call it the just one bite method. There are two parts to this method.

First, when you're trying to make changes to your nutrition, just take it one bite at a time and by this I mean maybe your one bite is to focus on adding a veggie for every meal or drinking more water during the day or making sure you have a snack between lunch and dinner because that's the time you tend to binge the most. Whatever it is for you.

Just take one bite, take one step for the place you want to be. Don't try to overhaul your diet in one day. Trust me, you've done in the past and it just doesn't work, and I know it's frustrating, but the truth is you'll see so much more success in the long run if you take things one step at a time or just one bite at a time.

What is your one bite to start working on today? I want you to write it down, put it on your fridge, focus on that one bite, and then when you're ready, move onto the next bite. And if you're one bite is just to start telling yourself different stories about food each day. That's fantastic. Start where you are and take it one bite at a time.

Secondly, apply this just one bite principle to the actual food you eat.

If you're the one that struggles with overeating or binging, this can truly be life-changing for you. When you're about to eat something that has generally been off limits with your diet. I want you to make a conscious decision to take just one bite of it.

Eat the bite mindfully and intentionally, just one bite and sit for a minute and make the decision about what you'll do with the rest of this item. Was it really good, so maybe you'll finish it and just leave it there? Was it not as satisfying as you wanted it to be, so maybe you'll just skip eating the rest of it? Maybe you're struggling a lot today and decide to eat two cookies instead of just one, but two is great and you'll stop there. Take a minute to make that decision ahead of time.

By consciously knowing the choice you want to make ahead of time, it will help you actually follow through with it in the long run. Then... don't beat yourself up about a choice you made. You consciously made the choice and that is an incredible step in the right direction for making peace with food.

When you're struggling with the binge eating or wanting that perfect diet, which doesn't exist, by the way, remind yourself that it's okay to take just one bite. Take just one bite or just one step towards your goal each day, each week, each month, take just one bite of food and then decide how you'll proceed.

You can do this. I'm cheering for you every single day and if you want to take just one bite in, overcoming the emotions that get in the way of trying to work on your nutrition. Take my free. Make peace with food course. It's all about helping you understand and manage emotional eating. Click the button below to sign up for the free course.