How to Eat Healthy the Simple Way


(Yes, I said your palm)

Watch the video or read the text below to learn how to eat healthy in a simple, easy, and effective way! 



Today I'm going to address a question I get a lot. "How do I eat?" and other questions like, "what do I eat?" and "What is "healthy" these days?"

These are some big questions with about a million different answers. Everyone has different needs according to their own body, but if you're looking for a general guideline of how to eat that is simple and straightforward, keep watching today's video. 

Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'm here to help you become a woman of wellness by creating a healthy relationship with food and today is all about making that relationship simple. 

Precision Nutrition, one of my favorite websites to follow for all things nutrition has a great guide for eating in a balanced way that simply uses the palm of your hand! Yep, that's right! All you need is your hand to understand this principle. And if you want more visual information, I recommend heading to their website and check out the article for yourself! 


For the average female at each meal, you want to aim to consume 1 palm-sized portion of protein, like this. 1 fist-sized portion of veggies. 1 hand cup of carbohydrates, and one thumb-sized portion of healthy fats. 

Yeah, it really is that simple! In fact, let's make sure it's extra clear by providing a good example. 

Let's say you're meal planning and trying to get dinners figured out for the week, or maybe a more typical scenario - it's 4:30 pm and you're just now starting to think about what on earth you're going to have for dinner (raise your hand if this is you). 

Take a look at your palm and let's plan your dinner! You have some things in your fridge and pantry that need to be used up anyway. You quickly pull out your hand and take a look! Ok, what fistful of veggies do I have? What about a palm of protein? Oh, yeah, I have some chicken that needs to be used up. And some rice sitting in the pantry. You quickly come up with the idea for a stir-fry. A fist full of mixed veggies, a palm portion of chicken, a cupped portion of rice (or a side of fruit which is also a portion of carbs could be used in place of rice), and some olive oil and soy sauce for your thumb of fat. 

Easy, peasy lemon squeezy. 

Sometimes we try to find ways to complicate food. We try to create perfection in our diets, which if you've watched any of my other YouTube videos, you know that is only a recipe for disaster. You have to eat multiple times per day for goodness sakes, you might as well feel like it's not running your life. 

Again, there are always exceptions to this rule if special diets are needed, but I've found that the palm-portion nutrition guidelines can help many different populations, and can even be used for vegetarian, vegan, and so many other unique diets. 



Now, one quick question about snacks, because I know you might be thinking about it. This palm-portion guide is a general guideline for women and suggests that you are eating 3-4 meals per day. That means 3 meals and a couple snacks throughout the day. (If you have a larger male in your house to feed, just double all of the portions. This will give them the nutrition and calories they need). 

There are 2 ways to go about snacking. You can fit all of the categories into one snack and just reduce the portion size by at least half, OR just split the portions into two. For example, You could have an apple and peanut butter for one of your snacks (a cup of carbs and thumb of fat plus a little protein packed in there). Then, for your next snack, grab some veggies and cottage cheese for the fistful of veggies and some good protein in the cottage cheese. 

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, and sometimes things will overlap, but it's a guide that will make meal planning so much simpler at your house. And I think that's a goal we can all live with - I know I love that idea!

Oh, and what about sweets and treats? Becuase they're a necessary part of life wouldn't you say? Practice intuitive eating. Be mindful about what you put in your body. I have a video all about getting started with intuitive eating plus even more videos that will help you learn to balance your relationship with food in a happy and healthy way.

And if you're someone that struggles a lot with emotional eating, take my free course that helps you identify and understand your emotional eating habits and what to do about them. 

Now go plan your meals for the week - I'm certain it won't take you much time if you follow the guidelines we just talked about!