A Positive Body Image Begins with a Positive Mind

So, you’re not 20 anymore.

Your body looks different, feels different, and responds different.

Your body has carried and cared for babies, made it through many sleepless nights, and many long, exhausting days.

But you have this vision of what your body should look like and you want to get back to that 20 year old body.

Or maybe you want to get somewhere close to that 20 year old body.

You tell yourself you won’t be truly satisfied until you get there. You’ll wait to buy new clothes until you lose a few pounds. You’ll skip on the water activities because there’s no way you’re going out in a swimsuit. And maybe you’ll skip the gym because those 20 somethings make you angry.

I can tell you all about how your body is beautifully and wonderfully made and all of the amazing things about YOU, but it won’t do anything until you believe it. Until you see it yourself.

That’s where positive affirmations come to play.

Our mind is capable of amazing things. It’s capable of getting us to our highest highs and it’s also capable of bringing us down to our lowest lows.

So, where is your mind when it comes to your body image? Are you at the lowest low and can’t see anything to appreciate, or are you somewhere in the middle?

My guess is you’re somewhere in the middle. You know all of the great things your body has done for you, but you still struggle with having a positive body image all the time.

And that’s ok.

My goal today is to help you create a more positive thought loop as it pertains to your body. To see yourself in a positive light more often. To truly be happy with where your body is right now.

So, before we move on, quickly download the positive affirmation workbook. This guide is going to help you create an affirmation to help improve that body image and bring more positivity to your life overall.

Before I move on, I feel like I should make one point...

You can be completely happy with where your body is right now AND still have physical goals.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to change physically. With wanting to lose weight. With wanting to tone up. With wanting to make changes.

But, all too often I see women holding off on being truly happy until they’ve reached that final destination. The problem? They reach that destination and are no happier with their bodies than when they first started out.

Because they didn’t learn how to appreciate, love, and be more positive about their bodies from the beginning.

So, how do you use affirmations to create a more positive body image?


3 steps for creating a better body image:

Step 1: Use powerful words

Step 2: Repeat daily

Step 3: Practice gratitude



Start thinking of words you want to describe you. What words make you feel amazing? What words give you encouragement?

Do you want to be strong? Confident? Powerful? Beautiful? Healthy? Fit? Active? Brave? Bold? The list goes on and on.

Start by brainstorming your power words. Those words that make you want to fist bump the air.

Once you’ve written down a few of those words, use your affirmation workbook to come up with your phrase or affirmation. The workbook will guide you through all of it.

The key is to use words that describe where you want to be. Think about the feelings you want to feel, the person you want to be.

Then, as you put your affirmation together, create it in present tense. This will help you start to see it as if it’s already happened - a powerful way to keep that mind in a positive loop.



Think about how you learn things. You repeat them over and over and over again. Remember the school days of memorization? Remember how many flashcards you used to use?

Think of affirmations as your lifetime flashcards. In fact, maybe write your affirmation on a flashcard!

Write down your affirmation and then put it in a place you will see it daily. Repeat it at least once a day, more if needed.

Overtime, the words you say or read to yourself will start to become a part of you. You will start to believe. You will start to become that person. Your attitude will change. Your habits will change. Your overall perspective will change.

Repeat your affirmation every day and repeat it when you need it most. Repeat it when you’re struggling to feel confident in yourself. Repeat it when you’re lacking motivation. Repeat it when you need a boost.

The power from affirmations is in the process of repetition.

If you need a reminder, set reminders on your phone throughout the day to remind yourself to repeat your affirmation. As you go along, it will be there when you need it most.


Remember that 20 year old body we talked about earlier?

Think about how far you’ve come over the years. Think about those years and what your body has endured.

The most important thing you can do for body image is to practice gratitude for the body you have now.

If you struggle having gratitude for the physical aspects, try being thankful for all the things your body has done for you.

Do you walk daily? Do you have good balance? Do you feel in good health? Can you run and play with your children?

As you practice more gratitude for the things your body does for you, then work toward being grateful for the physical things as well.

Are you grateful for strong legs that get you where you need to go? Are you grateful for your fair skin that reminds you to protect it by wearing sunscreen? Are you grateful for your stretch marks because you have the world’s most beautiful children? Are you grateful for your crooked teeth because it makes you who you are?

Just as affirmations are powerful to repeat daily, gratitude is just as powerful.

Start practicing gratitude each day by focusing on one positive aspect of yourself and being thankful for it.

Because YOU are wonderfully and beautifully made.