How I Use Pinterest to Meal Plan (and why you should too!)

How I Use Pinterest to Meal Plan (and why you should too!)

I often get asked what the best recipe storage option is. My answer starts with, it depends. It depends on what you like, what you will use, and what works best for you. Today I am going to share the method of recipe storage that works the best for me. Pinterest.

A while ago I thought it would be cool to make myself an actual printed recipe book to use in the kitchen. So, I set out on a printing rampage. But then I realized that I had to spend a decent amount of time making the recipes look good on paper from its online version. I also realized that I was always adding recipes of not just meals, but snacks, side dishes, desserts, etc. The recipe list was growing faster than my printer wanted. I decided it was time to fully embrace the technology of today and go online.

Are you still stuck in the dark ages? I can help pull you out… come on, you can do it!

Why is Pinterest my favorite place to store recipes?

1.     You have access to literally hundreds of thousands of recipes

2.     You can access it anywhere you have internet service on any device

3.     You can organize, categorize, and make it all pretty

4.     It’s free!

5.     It’s customizable

Let me take you on a little Pinterest journey with me. I remember when Pinterest came out. Do you know what the biggest thing I remember about it? Everyone was planning their wedding on Pinterest and I was TOTALLY bummed I didn’t have this AMAZING thing to help me plan my wedding! Ugh. I’m pretty sure I wanted to plan another wedding just so I could have a wedding board.

Those are my first memories of Pinterest. All the people that probably had cuter weddings than me. Then I got all defensive and reminded people that I planned my wedding WITHOUT Pinterest, so nah nah nah. I’m pretty sure I created a wedding board anyway because there were so many cute things I was certain I could help my friends plan their weddings!

Once the wedding craze passed, I realized Pinterest could actually do a lot of great things. Including so much foodie goodness. There were treats up the wazoo on that thing and I’m certain I pinned every single one of them. So began my Pinterest food journey.

I started out with several different boards dedicated to each aspect of a meal such as sides, dips, main, dessert, healthy, not healthy, etc. But my categories became too lengthy and I spent too much time trying to figure out where I would put a certain recipe. Not to mention trying to find the dang recipe when I was actually looking for it.

So, I simplified it. I made Pinterest work for me. I came up with more simple categories that didn’t have me searching for 20 minutes to find what I was looking for.

How I use Pinterest boards to store my recipes:

·       Meals – breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

·       Sides/snacks – side dishes or snacks (including smoothies)

·       Breads/muffins – because I am a carboholic

·       Desserts – because I am also a dessertoholic

·       Food I’ve tried – my favorite section. Once I try it, I add my own notes and voila, I have a whole board full of recipes I’ve tried and like (I only save the ones I like) – an easy go to when I’m meal planning

Boom. Easy peasy.

Go set up your boards and start searching for recipes. That’s the fun part!

BONUS TIP: I often stalk (or follow) boards of specific people I know might have some meals I would like and then raid their recipes. Some of my favorites include recipes, Jamie Eason recipes, and recipes.