Hi! I’m Elizabeth,

Certified Nutrition Coach and Exercise Physiologist dedicated to helping you overcome emotional eating and build a better relationship with food.

Although I have years of training with human eating behavior, it’s my own journey that makes this story unique.


My story…

Food was a celebration for me. As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a treat. A treat when I did something good. A treat when I had nothing else to do. I could find any way to justify eating sugar. When I aced the test, I wanted a treat. When I made it through a long, hard day, I deserved a treat.


Treats became my binge. I then realized if I made a treat from scratch, I could have lots of treats! I would eat and eat. Cookies were my weakness. Every time I would have a treat, it led to wanting more. I deserved it. At least I thought I did.


Insert perfectionism. Going to school for nutrition does two things. It teaches you the science behind healthy eating, and often makes you question everything you put in your mouth. It makes you want to be perfect in every little bite you take, especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of dietetic students eating food that you’ve literally never seen before.


I tried to be perfect. I then turned into an all-or-nothing eater. I was either perfect, or I was totally off the wagon. There was no middle ground. I was either eating fruits and vegetables like a rabbit, or I was eating all the cookies on the plate because tomorrow I had to get back on my healthy eating kick! The cycle continued, and I realized that I was preaching healthy eating to my own clients, but then struggling to practice what I preached. So, I decided to further study intuitive and mindful eating. I was able to look at food in a different light. I was able to separate food from my emotions and stop looking at eating behavior as black and white, or good and bad.


I now enjoy food. I don’t use it to deal with or mask my emotions. I use it to make me strong. To give me energy. To reach my goals. And, to help you. Because...

You deserve to feel safe around food...


You deserve to…

  • Feel confident being around food alone

  • Feel confident in your ability to know when to eat and how to stop

  • Feel confident in going out with friends or attending parties with food

  • Feel empowered to know what foods feel good for your body and mind

  • Feel empowered to know how to deal with your emotions without turning to food

  • Feel safe in knowing you won’t have to worry about how you will respond to food again


You’re worth it, my friend. No matter where you’re coming from, or what your relationship with food looks like right now, you’re in the right place. It’s here you’ll get all the tools, support, and love you need to help you build a healthier relationship with food.


And best of all…

You’ll be surrounded by thousands of others (including me!) ready to strengthen, uplift, and encourage you every step of the way.


I’m glad to have you here.